About Us

Who We Are


BLACK AERO UNMANNED is a Veteran owned sUAS flight services company with a proactive focus on safety and data management. Industries we specialize in are Energy & Utilities, Agriculture, Emergency Services, and Industrial Foundations. We provide professional deliverable data for our clients to make their industry a more safe and efficient one. Our belief is that we can mitigate the chances of on the job emergencies by replacing or working along side hazardous positions with drone technology. In a rapid changing world where technology is continuously growing, we have to adapt and grow with it. We pride ourselves on the notion that Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems will shape the future. More than ever, industries such as Energy & Utilities are adapting drone inspection programs because they see how effective sUAS are at delivering accurate data. We can provide equal or more return on data in other industries as well, not just utilities. Our goal is to expand into markets that will benefit from drone technology. Allowing drones to do the more dangerous tasks and reducing the chances of anyone getting hurt, while providing an efficient return on data for the client. Production increases, problems get resolved quicker, the work environment above all else, is more safer. We strive to change the way we as humans conduct dangerous tasks by allowing technology to do it for us.

Professional Deliverable Data for The Future.



We use state of the art sUAS technology. Our drones utilize the latest in safety mitigation’s such as sensors that surround the aircraft to help prevent in crashes with its surroundings. The sensors that are equipped In the aircrafts are designed to keep the drone steady such as accurate GPS, Accelerometers, Gyro Stabilization, and compasses. With on board fail safes we can observe when a drone is having issues which allow us to react safely to an issue, correct it and continue on with the mission.  

Reducing Cost, Reducing Stress


With drones doing the leg work, we can reduce the amount of expenses a company puts into developing programs for specific jobs such as inspections or surveying. We do all the work so the client does not. We reduce the liability that comes with hazardous jobs by utilizing the drone. The aircraft can be replaced, but a human cannot. Let us help you by using technology to pave the way to success.